Alpha Trade Journal: 16-Aug-2019

Alpha Trade Journal: 16-Aug-2019

I traded 10900 PE earlier on 14th but wasn’t really sure of carrying. However, on noticing that only index is going up and underlying stocks are hardly moving & USD/INR rising, I decided to carry 2 lots of Nifty 10900 PE.

Nifty opened gap down and fell as much as 100 points. Here is what happened

Trade # 1

Bought Nifty 10900 PE at 85, sold at 120

Trade # 2

There was a clear reversal seen on my nifty levels that I have plotted. Following chart shows that.

Finstor Alpha Trader Nifty Levels
Finstor Alpha Trader Nifty Levels

I went long in nifty 11100 CE at 73.5 and Nifty went all the way to touch 11080, leading to call jump to 120, though I booked it early at 110.

Trade # 3

HDFC Bank bought in cash at 2225 with SL of 2221.5 and booked at 2232.5

This was part of our custom Alpha Strategy that is still in beta testing. This strategy results in trades that are stable and we exit the trade the moment we get 10 rs in profit. The position sizing becomes very important as we are playing only for 10 rs.

Stock went below and hit SL levels, but we had been trailing, which helped us exit in profit nonetheless.

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