Alpha Trade Journal: 14-Aug-2019

Alpha Trade Journal: 14-Aug-2019

The only thing that will separate you from retail traders is discipline of maintaining your trade journal for the day.

While I have my trade journal entries maintained since very long, posting them all here, back-dated, will not work. I’d rather post my daily trade journal here after each trading day.

Note: I choose when to trade. I do not force trades onto me. So there could be days when I haven’t taken a single trade.

Alpha Trade Journal: 14-Aug-2019

We took three trades as follows:

Trade # 1

HDFC 2220 Call was bought at 37 and sold at 85 (Lot size 250)

Trade was identified based on our custom Alpha VWAP + Renko Strategy

Trade # 2

Nifty Options – Multiple lots of 11200 call options were bought and sold. I do not have precise working at the moment but each trade was at least 30% profitable.

Trade # 3

Axis bank shorted at 663 with SL of 667. Went on to hit 644

Trade was identified based on our custom Alpha Strategy that is still in beta testing.

I will not post details of # of lots bought and sold and I will not post details about my realized MTM to protect privacy.

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