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Back in July 2020, specifically – 18th July 2020, I decided to do an experiment. I opened an account with Zerodha and payed in a small paltry sum of 45k INR. The intention was to see if lack of capital is the real reason for not making money from the market? Here are the results.

Account value on 18-July-2020

This is when I decided to start the experiment. I used same strategies as I use for my main trading account. Please note that my main trading account is separate and is really private. I do not want to disclose anything more about that as I don’t believe in showing off.

For some months I did fabulous, especially, October-November were amazing with literally ZERO loss day. I wrote about it here.

I had a few losses in December-January. For a small account, those losses were really bad. My highest day loss was about 26k. Well, again, this is big because I funded account only with 45k back in July. From that standpoint, this loss was significant. I’d like to look on % basis rather than net basis.

I had doubled this account 2 times, and fell nearly 50% 2 times. Meaning, 45k to 1L then back to 60k, then again to 1.2L and then back to 69k and then I decided to take this little more seriously. I was busy trading in my main account and this experiment was getting boring to me because of small bets. That is when I decided not to and stop trading in main account to focus on this small account for once.

As budget month was approaching, I knew I have excellent change of making outsized gains if I play with discipline & size my position well. The account value around 20th Feb 2021 was somewhere 2L. And then I had one of the most amazing rides I could ever imagine.

I was short from 15640 to all the way 14600 & I went long from 13846 to all the way to 15204.

Result? here it is..

Account value on 12-02-2021

The account value above is mix of short term cash based trades I took recently last week + gains I made in my options positions. All the profits I made in options I invested into short term positional bets and generated even better Alpha.

Please also note that I never payed in this account since initial time. Only pay in was in July 2020, and no pay in after that.

Sheer discipline, mindset, strong setup, and ability to follow trend have made this possible – 45k to 15.5L.

What next?

I will mostly close this account now because my intention was only to prove that with right mindset, right strategies, even a small amount can grow big!

I have seen people crying over lack of capital and how it is preventing them from achieving their goals. Well, that’s not true! What is stopping you is your mindset and nothing else! This is the proof.

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  1. Ganesh
    14th February 2021

    Mr. Ameyas teaching is great. Even though he is a master in trading he is such a down to earth person. He helps novices selflessly. Great person he is..

    Ganesh Zaadge


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