Trading service by one who practices it and just not preaches

I have known Ameya for last 3-4 years via few WA groups and best thing I liked about him was his honesty and integrity. I was intrigued when in one common WA group (I guess in 2019) he said trading is not about predicting or anticipating but rather “following trend”. This one line was clincher for me to follow him to his Alpha Group which is very closely knit group. From there after observing group discussions, his calls, etc. I decided to subscribe to his paid service where I 1st attended his paid ATMP sessions. Post that it was not his push rather pull which made me a convert for my 1st and last paid trading service. Apart from cash call he also had options call service which for me was like WMD. However, once I joined he handholded during initial calls with live guidance which gave me confidence to overcome my inertia, fear and have 1st hand live experience which will always beat bookish knowledge. I’m still trying to learn basics of options and he is there to guide. May God bless him and he stay same or a better human being as he progresses in life!

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