The Alpha Way….!!! Ahead Always :)

Hey guys this is Ashwin from, TN. I am so much pleased to write about Mr.Ameya and his Alpha techniques. I have been following him over the past couple of years and started my trading journey with him. He has spent a lot of effort on developing the Alpha techniques, it is very very accurate. He spots the levels on individual stocks or indexes very beautifully, and it is pin point to the levels he shares, I was really amazed.
The recent budget rally was a live example, Ameya had spotted that the index would correct ahead of the budget and he excellently guided us before the event on the shorts and it was one of the trades of my lifetime, then the budget event also he caught it very beautifully and we played the event like a pro. Would you believe he had spotted the fall and rally accurately which earned us 2000 points. Unlike others he precisely tells you what you need to execute, if we follow him on that, you are pretty sure to be in good profits and as I witnessed he always give realistic targets and stop losses and tips on handling the retail mindset and to control the greed and fear, very rare that his trades go in loss, unless, we mishandle the instructions. Retail investors or traders most of the times ends up in loss as they are unknown of the directions or handling, Ameya’s methods has proved the retailers can also be a pro traders and spot levels ahead. He is not just a TA or Retailer he has sound knowlege on the Fundamentals, world events, government policies, technologies, trends. He is a true Alpha human, very simple and guides to our best. I am very happy to be associated with him, learning and growing.
I am sure I would also be an Alpha in the years to come. Thank you Ameya Bhai.

Be an Alpha, be ahead…

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