mindset taking care the trade and investment

I am Padmanabhan from Chennai. I am doing long term investment. I did trading also as investment.

I have been a part of this session for about a month now. Thanks lot Ameyaji, ATMP program is eye opener program for me.

I learned some strategy, trade setup and different Time Frame analysis to trade a stock.
Trading is a system like get to know that mindset need for trading, trade setup, TF, View for trading and right analysis to understand market.

Analysis will not give better result always, mindset is playing vital role in trading. We need clear mindset for right analysis. Mindset is very important for a trader to control the emotion, face the challenge with courage. Ameyaji coach all in ATMP Session, it covers both mindset and trade analysis with some strategy.

After practicing, it gives confident, ATMP session made me from Novice to trader path with ability that creates reality. ATMP program made me to analysis independent, it gives clear view, confident to take a trade with clear mind without confusion.

Once again Thanks lot Ameyaji,