Headless chicken turned streamlined trader

Hello guys, I’m Shivakumar residing in Bangalore. Let me brief about my experience (probably it will be everyone’s experience who has attended ATMP classes) here.

Well I was into share market couple of years ago predominantly as an investor, less a trader. So I was curious seeing people around me were doing intraday in equities, options and was soon lured into it and made up few lucky gains and then started losses. However I was a firm believer of share market is all about data points but there was no streamlined way to move ahead and was wandering like a headless chicken. One of by child hood friend vineeth introduced me to Ameya (founder, finstor) and then journey started about the classes.
I really liked the humble nature of Mr Ameya and his simplyfying things. So this is all ATMP is about.
I can broadly classify the learnings into 2 ways in ATMP.
1. Mindset preparation. (most important aspect but no one will teach you)
2.He simplifies the setup how we trade. His classes is basically about removing unwanted noise in charts and focus on mindset and adaptability to change.

So now I’m a streamlined trader.
Thank you Ameya Bhai.