Alpha Trader Mentorship Program

Alpha Trader Mentorship Program

[UPDATE] The Program is now closed until further notice


Couldn’t be more simplified

I am currently pursuing ATMP and hope to be able to imbibe the learnings from Ameya. It is a great course. The details lies in its simplicity. No complex jargon. Go get it style. I am enjoying the journey as a beginner and think it will help amateurs and professionals alike

Mukesh Sharma

I think Mr. Ameya is

I think Mr. Ameya is doing a great job in teaching his trading techniques to many people selflessly. It’s a great way of staying ahead of the crowd and can make one’s trading experience stressfree if we follow it diligently without falling for greed and fear. Thanks Ameya bhai.


Like never seen before

I attended ATMP batch 1 and to be honest I had no clue how different would it be from so many other programs. But after seeing how simple, precise, and to the point strategies are, I am absolutely sure that Ameya knows his stuff very well. I was lucky to be part of this program.

Best Wishes,
Ramkumar Dessai

Precise Analysis

I have not attended any programs offered by Ameya but I have seen his technical analysis in some groups for more than a year now. I have not seen any TA who can provide levels so accurate as Ameya does. His skills are matchless. I wish him all the best with his program.


Excellent programe designed by Ameya

Excellent programe designed by Ameya Ji . Simple and powerful.

Ravin Reddy

Headless chicken turned streamlined trader

Hello guys, I’m Shivakumar residing in Bangalore. Let me brief about my experience (probably it will be everyone’s experience who has attended ATMP classes) here.

Well I was into share market couple of years ago predominantly as an investor, less a trader. So I was curious seeing people around me were doing intraday in equities, options and was soon lured into it and made up few lucky gains and then started losses. However I was a firm believer of share market is all about data points but there was no streamlined way to move ahead and was wandering like a headless chicken. One of by child hood friend vineeth introduced me to Ameya (founder, finstor) and then journey started about the classes.
I really liked the humble nature of Mr Ameya and his simplyfying things. So this is all ATMP is about.
I can broadly classify the learnings into 2 ways in ATMP.
1. Mindset preparation. (most important aspect but no one will teach you)
2.He simplifies the setup how we trade. His classes is basically about removing unwanted noise in charts and focus on mindset and adaptability to change.

So now I’m a streamlined trader.
Thank you Ameya Bhai.


Simple way to excel Technical Analysis by Mr. Ameya

I would be really fortunate to be part of ATMP program where Ameya is very open to share & educate his techincal analysis skills to novice intestors who don’t know much about it. Really amazing, mind opening & thought provoking strategy taught by him & he is so kind to explain Techincal terms very easy where another trainer can’t able to educate. Thank You Ameya for making me part of TA journey.

Anantkumar Patel

Unique approach towards success in share market

I have been trading for about a year now and I was not confident with most of the trades I execute. With ATMP, I am gaining more confidence in executing the trades. The strategies taught by Ameya is just mind-blowing and so easy to understand. If you follow his strategies and techniques with a specific mindset, it’s a guaranteed success.

Sanjay Gurukar

A unique approach towards excellance in stock market

I have been an investor for the past two years and I used to trade occasionally. I was not confident in executing my trades even though I knew the basics of some technical analysis. But the ATMP methodologies taught by Mr. Ameya is mind-blowing and so easy to understand. If you follow the strategies and stick to a mindset, you can succeed without any hassles. This program helps you to not to get stuck with emotions and follow the rule which you set for yourself.
Very happy to be a part of this program.


Sanjay Gurukar

Not Just an Another TA

Initially when i first saw, it was all like just another TA trying to give the targets and SL . But what was in store was the charts would exactly behave the levels shared as though it was dancing to the tune of Ameya’s target. I still did not believe , thought it was fluke only to be proven wrong again and again and again. How can someone be so precise most of the times. His strategies are simple and most effective and success ratios is comparatively higher and most importantly he doesn’t stop , keeps improvising , keeps refining which is the best part of it and ensures people learn and be independent and as we say if your intentions are noble , even god cannot stop you from what you want to achieve and which is true for Ameya. I wish him all the very best and i hope i am able to learn and implement his process in to my trading strategies.

Sunil kumar

A unique approach towards excellence

I have been an investor from almost a year and I was trading occasionally. I was not confident in my trades even though I knew basics about technicals. But the ATMP strategies taught by Mr. Ameya is mind-blowing and so easy to understand. Now I can trade with higher confidence level. If you follow the strategies and have a specific mindset, you can succeed with ease. Not getting stuck with the emotions and having a mindset is all what matters. Thanks to Ameya Bhai for teaching me these things.


Sanjay Gurukar

ATMP session made me from Novice to trader path with ability that creates reality.

I am a long term investor. I have noticed that some of the stocks value reduced due to market changes.
As Novice investor, I have checked some web site and media for investment. I have been a part of this session for about a month now. ATMP session made me from Novice to trader path with ability that creates reality. Get to know that mindset need for trading, trade setup, TF, View for trading and right analysis to understand market. Now able to take view for investment also and understand the trend, correction, swing ect , more important practice also a key after getting all to move with market. ATMP session changed me as skilled Investor cum trader.

Padmanabhan Krishnan

mindset taking care the trade and investment

I am Padmanabhan from Chennai. I am doing long term investment. I did trading also as investment.

I have been a part of this session for about a month now. Thanks lot Ameyaji, ATMP program is eye opener program for me.

I learned some strategy, trade setup and different Time Frame analysis to trade a stock.
Trading is a system like get to know that mindset need for trading, trade setup, TF, View for trading and right analysis to understand market.

Analysis will not give better result always, mindset is playing vital role in trading. We need clear mindset for right analysis. Mindset is very important for a trader to control the emotion, face the challenge with courage. Ameyaji coach all in ATMP Session, it covers both mindset and trade analysis with some strategy.

After practicing, it gives confident, ATMP session made me from Novice to trader path with ability that creates reality. ATMP program made me to analysis independent, it gives clear view, confident to take a trade with clear mind without confusion.

Once again Thanks lot Ameyaji,

K Padmanabhan

Simplest way to learn Technical analysis

First of all Thanks to Ameya Sir for giving up his precious time to teach us Change of mindset is important in trading,making money faster is important or creating wealth is Goal, Thirdly Discipline in trading n emotionless is utmost importance when you are in trade, and above all change in thinking like retail investors to a step ahead is most important in making money than thinking like retail investors n loosing hard earned money….
Thanks Sir to have a humble teacher like you n simplicity to teach the toughest chapter of trading in a simple language which a layman or a new entrant in market too can understand .

Jitendra K Purohit

Simple & Effective Technical Analysis Program

ATMP is an excellent way to learn some of the best in class, effective and simple to learn TA strategies. Focus is more on Setup Creation without any emotions. Even if one is not regularly trading in market he can still use these Strategies to optimize its buying price for Investment positions. You won’t find these strategies even discussed or known to anybody else. Ameya is a very genuine person and a Fantastic Trainer. You won’t regret after joining this Course. Infact You feel an Independent Investor/Trader after completion and you don’t need to ask anybody out there for any advice.

Arpit Jain

Creating an Edge

Just like anyone else from a middle class family in the pursuit of creating wealth.. For me too share trading seemed to be the easiest way to reach the destination. Half Knowledge , FOMO, not having proper stop loses and lack of a strategy and mindset quickly brought me back to where I started except for the fact that I lost 50% of my capital in that journey.
Nevertheless, realising the mistakes and learning from it.. I gathered strength to start a second innings with Ameyajis Alpha Trader course and I have to admit I am recovering fast and in that process learning ‘the edge’ required to be a successful trader.
His methods are proven and so precise that any novice could quickly get onto the winning side of the trades.


ATMP Program Feedback

Hello Ameya,
I am glad that i was part of the ATMP program. The concepts on risk management, money management and simple yet very effective strategies has helped in giving right direction to my trading and is helping me become a consistently profitable trader.

Thanks for all your help!

Mehul Patel

Its Magic Its Magic ATMP Rocks

I am lucky to be a part of the ATMP Programme. Ameyabro brings a fresh and unique approach to TA. Blended with his extra ordinary TA skills and his hardwork of so many years, Ameyabro is making his students in form of us run through solid techniques. He has made TA fun. Whats unique about his approach is he wants us to be independent and we should be able to talk to charts. Ameyabro focus on Mindset changes your approach and he instills confidence and conviction through his beautiful charts and strategies. Very few guys you will come across who are Champions like Ameyabro and who wants everyone undergoing ATMP to just go and excel. ATMP makes you feel focussed by making you Alpha Trader.What I would like to say in short is Its Magic Its Magic ATMP Rocks

Golechha Ashish Ajit

One of a kind programme for Beginner’s

So far have participated in 3 sessions, very satisfied with the programme & It’s easy to follow and use strategies. Also the person conducting the programme is very active in providing feedback, This is a good platform before taking the plunge into the share market.


Excellent training session

Ameya is outstanding mentor and has exceptional expertise to train students in trading/investing in ATMP sessions. ATMP sessions are wonderful as well as practical. Through ATMP sessions, Ameya has simplified trading strategies which was difficult to understand. Looking forward in attending more ATMP sessions.

Thanks and Regards,
Vikas Agrawal

Vikas Agrawal

I should have found time earlier for ATMP!

I had enrolled for ATMP batch 2 or 3 possibly in Nov’19 / Dec’19 but due to work pressure could not attend all sessions. Guess should have somehow managed time but better late then never.

Amazing perspective that Ameya brings basis his decade+ trading experience and more importantly himself going through Samudra Manthan wherein he tasted poison (losses) and learnt how to find Amrit (profit and more importantly possibly cover his earlier losses) as well. Person who has experienced both sides and is as selfless as him can be a great teacher / mentor.

Thanks for conducting this session in May’20 even though with small number of participants. Honestly its our privilege as Teacher has better attention on students. 🙂

God Bless You and Always stay like this!!

Ram G

Trading service by one who practices it and just not preaches

I have known Ameya for last 3-4 years via few WA groups and best thing I liked about him was his honesty and integrity. I was intrigued when in one common WA group (I guess in 2019) he said trading is not about predicting or anticipating but rather “following trend”. This one line was clincher for me to follow him to his Alpha Group which is very closely knit group. From there after observing group discussions, his calls, etc. I decided to subscribe to his paid service where I 1st attended his paid ATMP sessions. Post that it was not his push rather pull which made me a convert for my 1st and last paid trading service. Apart from cash call he also had options call service which for me was like WMD. However, once I joined he handholded during initial calls with live guidance which gave me confidence to overcome my inertia, fear and have 1st hand live experience which will always beat bookish knowledge. I’m still trying to learn basics of options and he is there to guide. May God bless him and he stay same or a better human being as he progresses in life!

Ram G

A true artist when it comes to trading Nifty!

Ameya has an extraoedinary understanding of price action! With his experience of over 16 years, he has developed extremely simple but pin-point accurate Nifty trading strategy. He uses this Nifty Master Chart which has more than 90-95% accuracy and spots reversals really well. The best part is that he is always ahead of retail investors using trading psychology as well as price action; and his Stop Loss levels are very small whereas the profits are large. Really impressed with the overall offering. A MUST try!!!

Bharat Dhoot

The Alpha Way….!!! Ahead Always 🙂

Hey guys this is Ashwin from, TN. I am so much pleased to write about Mr.Ameya and his Alpha techniques. I have been following him over the past couple of years and started my trading journey with him. He has spent a lot of effort on developing the Alpha techniques, it is very very accurate. He spots the levels on individual stocks or indexes very beautifully, and it is pin point to the levels he shares, I was really amazed.
The recent budget rally was a live example, Ameya had spotted that the index would correct ahead of the budget and he excellently guided us before the event on the shorts and it was one of the trades of my lifetime, then the budget event also he caught it very beautifully and we played the event like a pro. Would you believe he had spotted the fall and rally accurately which earned us 2000 points. Unlike others he precisely tells you what you need to execute, if we follow him on that, you are pretty sure to be in good profits and as I witnessed he always give realistic targets and stop losses and tips on handling the retail mindset and to control the greed and fear, very rare that his trades go in loss, unless, we mishandle the instructions. Retail investors or traders most of the times ends up in loss as they are unknown of the directions or handling, Ameya’s methods has proved the retailers can also be a pro traders and spot levels ahead. He is not just a TA or Retailer he has sound knowlege on the Fundamentals, world events, government policies, technologies, trends. He is a true Alpha human, very simple and guides to our best. I am very happy to be associated with him, learning and growing.
I am sure I would also be an Alpha in the years to come. Thank you Ameya Bhai.

Be an Alpha, be ahead…

Ashwin Kumaar

Amazing calls from an Amazing person

Very happy with the super accuracy of the calls, Ameyaji is very down to earth & patient. He makes time for the most novice of traders with their simple queries. Anyone interested in the share market, be it an experienced trader or novice, should join his various services.

Never before have I seen or heard such amazing calls, I for one would gladly join his Options service.


Alpha Trader Mentorship Program is one of its kind program offering customized ways to improve investing / trading methods to stay consistently profitable.

What is this program?

ATMP - Alpha Traders Mentorship Program is a unique & one of its kind mentorship program that enables you to take full control of your trading/investing.

What will you learn from this program?

  • 3 primary Alpha Trading Strategies - 10 Rs. Strategy, VWAP+ST+SMA Strategy for intraday, Level Plotting Strategy for Nifty
  • Heiken-Ashi based reversal strategy (best one)
  • How to shortlist stocks for trading & how to prepare a watch-list
  • Trade management to consistently make risk adjusted returns
  • Short-side strategies - Both equity & FnO
  • Price Optimization Strategy - To reduce holding cost of your portfolio investments without averaging down
  • Technical Analysis Support from basic level with full hand holding for all doubts & questions
  • Trade Mindset Preparation - How to stay ahead of retail traders, ALWAYS.
  • Sentiment analysis for a stock at a certain price - Behavior analysis of market makers

What is the Structure of this program?

Alpha Trader Mentorship program is fully virtual program with 1 skype call after 1st month of the mentoring to review your trade setup, trading behavior, and analyse mistakes etc

What is cost of this program?

There is now a nominal fee of 9500/- to be paid for this program. The main intention to run this program is to level up on your trading & investment journey. It is important to become independent when it comes to both trading and investing. However, retail traders & investors always loose money.

With this program, you will not only be able to independently trade or invest, but also be able to :-

  • Make money regardless what direction market goes
  • Optimize your holding prices for stocks in core portfolio without averaging them down
  • Maximize gains from trading or investments
  • Stay ahead of retail traders or investors - Remember FIIs never lose money, only retail loses money.

If you are interested to join & change the way you trade or invest, and do this without paying exorbitant price upfront, then this is your chance.

PS: I am not running this program to make money. I make enough money from my own trading. My only intention is to make you aware of the REAL side of the markets and up your game. There is nothing to lose, but so much to gain. The program does not offer a magic wand that would turn your fortunes. But it does offer you a mindset, a vision, and basics of TA that you can scale up and build a custom setup.

If this interests you, submit the form below:


This program is for purely educational purpose. I do not provide any paid trading tips or recommendations during this program. I am not a SEBI registered research analyst, nor am I SEBI registered Investment Advisor. This program includes only learning methodologies and no trade or investment recommendation will be given, never.