Alpha Trade Journal: 28-Aug-2019

Alpha Trade Journal 28 August 2019

Welcome to Alpha Trade Journal.

Today was not a very good day. Not just because it was a loss making day, but because I did not follow some of my own trading rules.

In sum, today was a NET LOSS day.

Here are today’s trades:

Bought PGHL at 4402, Sold in loss at 4340

My trade setup was clearly telling me to go long ONLY above 4410 on 15M timeframe. Price never sustained above 4410 although it made a high of 4415.

So 1st mistake was not following my trade setup and getting in position too early

Second mistake was not cutting loss immediately. The stock has such a high beta that I kept the position open as stock touched 4390 levels a few times. I should have cut the loss immediately.

Shorted Axis Bank at 693.55, and covered at covered at 679

This was a day long position – Steady and one directional. It was very clear from the price action that 700 was super strong resistance and Axis wont be able to cross 700 easily. I shorted based on my setup at 693.55 and covered at 679.

Although this was a profitable trade, loss from previous trade was much bigger that Net MTM was negative.

In sum, it was a loss making day.

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  1. […] this trade of continuation of yesterday’s short on Axis from 693 levels. As we cannot carry shorts in cash position, I had to square off my short […]


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