Alpha Trade Journal: 27-Aug-2019

Alpha Trade Journal 27 Aug 2019

Today was yet again amazingly profitable day. Although Nifty did not move as much as it did yesterday, a lot of stocks jumped nearly 5-7%.

Here are today’s trades

Axis Bank shorted at 693.55 and covered near 682

It was very evident the way Axis bank was trading that 698-700 will not be crossed today and it was a definite short candidate. I shorted at 693.55 and SL was only 698, which was never hit.

DMART bought at 1534 sold at 1571

I have never seen so much wild moves in Dmart before. Only only did Dmart moved from 1534 to 1574 today, but it also fell during closing hour to 1530 levels.

Dixon Tech bought at 2460 and sold at 2595.

It was an amazing rally today given by Dixon. Although I wanted to carry Dixon as BTST, I did not carry it

Bajaj Finance – carried from yesterday from 3227, sold fully at 3388

I think I have covered entire rally given by Bajaj Finance in recent times since it moved up from 2998. It was handsomely profitable trade.

Bought Bajaj Finance at 3376 – Carried

I took this trade after seeing some follow up buying in BFL at 12.30 PM. I was hoping it would reach my target of 3438 today where I intended to sell fully. Not sure if this would yield profit tomorrow.

Godfrey Philip bought at 1018, SL hit at 1005

This was a loss making trade. Godfrey was setup nicely and I was expecting 1040+ levels. However, SL was hit today.

I am carrying HUL in positional account

All trades were given LIVE in my group.

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