Alpha Trade Journal: 26-Aug-2019


Past entire week I couldn’t trade significantly. Although I was taking some trades in Nifty, most of the times SLs were hit, resulting in net loss.

I did not get time to write a post about last week’s trades and hence I am summing it up here that most part of last week was dull & 90% of the times SLs were hit.

However, today, today it was an amazing day.

Here are today’s trades:

Bought Bajaj Finance at 3227 and still holding at 3335

Alpha Trade Bajaj Finance Levels

Nifty 11200 CE @ 26th Sept bought on Friday at 55 and sold at 140 levels. Was carrying multiple lots. I was purely lucky in this trade as I was busy this morning and hence could not logon to system to exit the trade fully. Few lots were sold at 97, and most were sold at 140

LT bought at 1328 and sold at 1339

This trade was taken based on my 12 PM 10 RS strategy and worked amazingly well.

SRF bought at 2800 and sold at 2848

SRF trade was purely taken based on price-volume around 2790 levels. This was backed by steady movement. Although I sold some units around 2830, rest were booked near 2848.

Abbott bought at 8900 and sold at 9245

Although I hate to trade in a scrip like Abbott, I did nonetheless as I was short of cash to buy it in delivery. This was pure observation based trade and no technical was in picture.

In sum, it was one of those amazing days when a trader makes bounty after meticulously doing his work for days/weeks. I am so tempted to buy KTM 390 Duke today using my MTM. 😀

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